As a young boy, I would hustle to the Renegar's Welding shop next door every day after school.  Our neighbor, Johnnie Renegar,  had been in business for over 50 years and was the best welder around.  I was fascinated by every facet of his work.
When I turned 14, he asked if I wanted to try welding.  Well, of course, that is what I had been waiting for all along.  I was a natural at it.  Seemed as if I was born to weld.  
I worked with him every evening until I graduated high school.  It was so easy to make money for a young boy.  So, I decided to go into business for myself.  I took several courses in modern welding and also machine work and opened the shop in 1973.  Then I went from there to what I have today.
I have built a large, loyal following and am well known throughout Yadkin and surrounding counties.  
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  Because of the size of my operation, I am able to carefully supervise the building of each and every item my company produces.  And I do.  Call my business anytime during working hours.....most always you will reach me.  If not, you will be given a number where you can.
We are a small business .......... if you have a problem of any kind in the future with our product you can call and talk to ME, Don, the boss and we will try to take care of it right then with NO  Big Dealer ,Big Manfacture , Hassles ........ We do modern work with old school values , WE WILL PLEASE YOU AND TAKE CARE OF YOUR WAY ON DOWN THE ROAD.